T.J. Kirk - Talking Only Makes It Worse


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T.J Kirk is:
Will Bernard - Guitar
John Schott - Guitar
Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
Scott Amendola - Drums

$14.99 on CD

$20.00 Limited Edition Autographed CD

During their short lived life, T. J. Kirk, nursing the engorged breast of Warner Bros. and in collaboration with legendary producer Lee Townsend, made two highly regarded CDs that today fetch a tidy sum on Ebay. The second of these two, 1995's If Four Was One, was nominated for a Grammy.

Produced by Scott Amendola with help from Lee Townsend.

1. Soul Power 6:32
2. Four In One 5:41
3. Bemsha Swing 6:41
4. Skippy 6:57
5. Damn Right I'm Somebody 6:23
6. Cross The Track / Thelonious 3:43
7. Now Please Don't You Cry Beautiful Edith 6:57
8. Epistrophy 3:55
9. The Pay Back 4:42
10. Teo 5:22
11. Get On The Good Foot / Rock Hard In A Funky Place 5:22
12. Jackieing 5:22
13. Meeting At Termini's Corner / I Got A Bag Of My Own / Brilliant Corners 5:22